Friday, October 19, 2018 VTAM/TEAM SAGE Location: Kildonan East Collegiate Stay tuned for more information!
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dan Hall Let’s talk about… Are we comfortable telling others about our physical health issues? Absolutely. Sometimes, it even makes for a great story. Yet, are we comfortable telling others about our mental health issues? Sadly…  probably not.  Why does that happen?  Shouldn’t we be as comfortable talking about our physical health issues as […]
Key Note Speaker: Big Daddy Tazz Often described as “one of the most talented comics in the business”, Big Daddy Tazz has been delighting crowds at fundraisers, corporate events, festivals and on television for more than a decade and a half. Known as the ‘Bi-Polar Buddha’, Tazz is equal parts comedian and motivational speaker, who likes to enlighten, educate and inspire. As a […]


Flat Connections Live! is coming to Canada in 2015!  This event will provide an opportunity for Higher Education and K-12 teachers, leaders and administrators to experience connected and collaborative learning while using digital technologies to connect across the world. Hosted by Red River College, Winnipeg this event promises to be a unique learning experience for all.


You are used to assessing your students’ learning but how often do you pause to reflect on, and assess your own learning needs as a teacher (which is different from subject matter expert)? Do your goals align with quality teaching standards and how will you know when you have reached your goal? In this workshop, […]