Dental Technology

A Dental Technologist is a trained specialist who provides a valuable service to dentists, denturists, and other health professionals. A Dental Technologist constructs, fabricates, designs, plans, and manufactures a variety, and range of custom made fixed or removable devices, which the dentist or appropriate clinical professional may prescribe. They also repair, replace, and make alterations to both fixed or removable appliances that may have been broken, chipped, or need adjustment.

This two year program provides the technical training for the fabrication of these appliances.

Practical laboratory work is emphasized to better prepare the student for employment in this profession while offering an authentic approach to learning. With this approach all work is custom made, and requires specialized, integrated equipment, with specific and specialized materials.

This program is offered at the following institution:

Technical Vocational High School, Winnipeg

*Course info taken from Tec/Voc High School website

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