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Are we comfortable telling others about our physical health issues? Absolutely. Sometimes, it even makes for a great story. Yet, are we comfortable telling others about our mental health issues? Sadly…  probably not.  Why does that happen?  Shouldn’t we be as comfortable talking about our physical health issues as our mental health issues? Absolutely!

We will explore some of the reasons behind the idea of hiding our mental health challenges from others, even from the people that we love.

Dan Hall has been teaching middle school students since 2002 for the Seven Oaks School Division.  Along with being a classroom teacher, he directs the school’s annual musical production, coaches cross-country and the marathon club, and promotes mental health awareness with colleagues and students. He is a Mental Health First Aid facilitator and has taught the course to many people throughout the Seven Oaks School Division.  Prior to his life as an educator, Dan worked in the mental health field in a variety of situations:  Crisis Stabilization Units, Mobile Crisis Unit and Grace Hospital (Mental Health Department).   The many years working in the mental health field has definitely prepared him to help many people in his life as an educator.

Dan’s passions include teaching, running, musicals, Star Wars, and mental health education.


8:30 – 9:15 – Check-in / Coffee

9:15 – 10:00 – Keynote Speaker – Dan Hall

10:00 – 10:45 – AGM

10:45 – 11:00 – Refreshment Break

11:00 – 12:15 – Morning Sessions

12:15 – 1:30 – Lunch – Danny’s Whole Hog

1:30 – 2:45 – Afternoon Sessions

3:00 p.m. – Prize Draws –  Must be in attendance to win


Apprenticeship Manitoba – Review of the Hairstyling Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Manitoba will provide a review of the hairstyling program and its requirements, in particular, the revised practical exam.  This will include a review of key changes in the practical exam, as well as discussion of the new marking rubric and requirements for the examiners.

Room 190        Maximum: 30

Presenters:  Joyce Joyal, Training Standards, Jackie Murray, Apprenticeship Training Coordinator, Hairstyling,Tiffany Stepaniuk, Operations Officer and Education Liaison, John Unger, Examiner

Career Connections to Employers

Are you a high school teacher, looking for ways to give your students opportunities to gain experience in the working world outside the classroom?  Learn about the many career exploration pathways that students can navigate to gain credits in Manitoba.  This includes the High School Apprenticeship Program, Grade 9 – 12 Life / Work Experience Courses, Volunteer CSIP credit and the new Credit for Employment (CFE 30G and 40G) Credit.  Practical approaches and methods for working with students and employers will be shared by the Career Development and Placement Teacher from the St James – Assiniboia School Division.  Also, ideas for field trips in Winnipeg and career related guest speakers will be shared.  Help your students make a seamless transition from your classroom to the employment world!

Room 162       Maximum 30

Presenter:  Heather Bush

Demystifying Chocolate

A demonstration and hands on clinic that simplifies the theory of chocolate pre-crystallization and the crystallization of sugar.  Information will be presented with audio, visual, and hands on demonstration.  Clinic will focus on Chocolate Almond Dragees, and will include the effective use of sous vide, induction heat and heat guns.

Room :  TBA     Maximum 20

Presenter:  Donald Pattie

It’s all about the Bees!

Since ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ appeared in 2006, people have become fascinated and concerned about bee losses and the affect on our food supply.  Despite changes in technology over the past 160 years, there is one central focus:  the honey bee (apis mellifera).

Room:  TBA     Maximum 30

Presenter:  Margaret Smith

Mental Health First Aid

A continuum from the morning keynote speaker, find out what tools you may already process in guiding someone quietly suffering with a mental health challenges.  A certified Mental Health First Aid facilitator, Dan will promote the course that will most certainly come in handy in your life as an educator, a family member and a friend.

Room:  TBA     Maximum:  25

Presenter:  Dan Hall

Drone Photography

Come and see how Drone Photography can become part of your school program, or become your new hobby!  We will talk about rules and regulations about flying drones, and discuss its many uses.  This session will end with a Drone flight and photos to be printed.

Room:  Photography Lab      Maximum 25

Presenter:  Don McIntosh

Moving Ahead as Culinary Professionals

Chef Brian Humniski will discuss programs being implemented by the CCFCC Winnipeg Branch, to stimulate youth participating in the culinary profession.  The session will outline local events and will explore directions for high school participants.  Brian will present information coming out of the national conference of the Canadian Culinary Federation held this past May in Windsor, Ontario.  There will be a panel discussion on student engagement to conclude the session.

Room:  TBA       Maximum 25

Presenter:  Brian Humniski  – Culinary and Hospitality Instructor at Maples Collegiate / Current Communications Chair for the Canadian Culinary Federation, Winnipeg Branch

3M Canada

Come and checkout, the latest in adhesive technology. 3M Canada representative Brett MacNeil will update us o the latest Cubitron II abrasives, Impact structural adhesives and Accuspray.  Adhesive technology continues to expand into all fields, so come and see what’s new from 3M Canada!

Room:  TBA                Maximum 30

Presenter:  Brett MacNeil

ELECTUDE:Truly Engaging Motive Power Multimedia and Simulation Learning

ELECTUDE is the most advanced cloud-based, automotive e-learning solution which has integrated a LMS (Learning Management System) with an exhaustive database of lessons, tasks, simulations and tests. ELECTUDE is specifically designed with Automotive Service Technicians in mind. It is developed by Netherland-based Electude, the world leader in developing automotive training programs and content.

Introduced in 1999, ELECTUDE has become the most comprehensive and effective, automotive e-learning solution currently available.

ELECTUDE teaches about the complete vehicle, bumper to bumper, and teaches how to maintain and repair cars with interactive animations and simulations.

Presenters: Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School Auto Tech teachers.

Maximum Participants: 35

Room: TBA


TOUR – Manitoba Rolling Mill Tour

The Gerdau Ameristeel Steel Mill – Selkirk –   Tour will last approximately 1 hour, 10 minutes.  No PPE required.  Long pants, long sleeved shirts, and solid shoes required (preferably no dressy cloths, and they are likely to get dirty)

Maximum: 18

Presenter:  Kevin Donley

Technology in the  Hairstyling and Vocational Classroom

Explore using Twitter and Instagram in your classroom and as a tool for Professional Development.  In the second half ot he session, we will explore different apps made to better enhance student engagement in the classroom using mobile devices.

Room 286                 Maximum: 30

Presenter:  Kaleigh Henrikson / Lisa Michaleski

Bring STEM in the classroom with Afinia 3D Printing and VEX Robotics Solutions

Learn how Afinia 3D Printers and VEX Robotics classroom solutions engage and inspire students to explore STEM courses and careers.  The Afinia H800 provides a true ‘Out-of-the-box’ 3D printing experience that is highly accurate at an affordable price.  VEX Robotics offers education a turnkey robotics solution for K-12.  This educational robotics solution gives your students the ability to design, prototype and build custom robots for classroom use or competitively at local events or at your school.  Incorporate the 3D Printer to design / build custom VEX parts and you have the start of a MakerSpace!

Room:  TBA               Maximum: 25

Presenter:  Andy Fenos

Yoga Flow Class

A one hour class for all ability levels, with the focus on gentle, fluid sequences from one vinyasa (series) to the next.  Please wear appropriate clothing. (no shoes required).  Mats will be provided.  Stretch, flex, relax and let the stress slip away.  Namaste!

Room:  Library                    Maximum 16

Presenters:  Elaine Klym and Sandra Lee

Fish Fry

Come and learn the secrets on the how to make your own Beer Battered Walleye.  Learn how to make Kentucky Fried Duck!  Food will be prepared and shared with participants.  $5 fee to be paid to presenter for supplies.

Room:  Will be held in the back of the Welding Shop             Maximum 25

Presenter:  Don McIntosh

Hunter’s Newest Wheel Alignment System

Come and experience the latest Hunter Wheel Alignment System!  Demonstration of the new system, with CD Photo and videos in training and instruction for  camber, caster, bump steer “Toe Front and Rear”.  There will also be a wheel alignment demonstration.

Room:  TBA               Maximum 25

Presenter:  Ken Wood

Successful Delivery of Trades Programs in First Nation Communities

A successful, 5-month long Applied Building Construction Program in Sandy Bay First Nation, Manitoba, has become a basis for the delivery of trades programs in First Nations Communities.  We will look at, how to successfully engage with learners from the Communities, work with education and training agencies in communities to develop cohort, accrediting the program in the community to the level 1 Apprenticeship standard, delivering the program and funding sources.

Room:  TBA              Maximum 25

Presenter:  Gabe Mercier (Campus Director at Assiniboine Community College, Parkland Campus in Dauphin)

Preparing Teachers/Instructors, entering Skills Manitoba Contest #34 – Cooking

Are your students properly prepared for competing at the Skills Manitoba #34 Cooking contest in April 2017?  Get tips on what the judges are looking for and how they will be marking and judging the candidates.  Power Point presentation, showing the do’s and don’ts of competing.  Question and Answer period will follow presentation.

Room:  TBA              Maximum 25

Presenter:  Raymond B Czayka – Chair of National Cooking Competition, 2017

Senior Years Technology Education Programs – Skills that work!

(Technology Education includes the courses found in the subject areas of Technical Vocational, industrial arts, human ecology/home economics, and business and marketing education.)
Technology Education provides students with opportunities for solving problems, designing, making and doing, and addressing current trends and issues. Our students use and study technology education to create practical solutions to real world problems and to develop technical skills, knowledge and attitudes to prepare them for life after grade 12. Technology Education allows learners to evaluate their strengths and interests in career choices. It also reflects rapid changes in the workplace and allows students to make informed decisions about their future.

Technology Education has changed a great deal in the past 20 years with more technology being available every day for the classroom, work and home. As the technology changes and advances, the curriculum and programs must reflect these changes. Kim Poirier, Technical-Vocational Education Consultant for the Government of Manitoba, will discuss the changes occurring in the various Technology Education Programs and the supports available to teachers, schools and School Divisions. Gilles Landry will provide updates in curriculum development and what the future holds for Technical Vocational programs. Other topics will include: Funding, Partnerships, Safety and Work placements.

Room:  TBA            Maximum  30

Presenters: Kim Poirier, Technology Education Consultant and Gilles Landry, Curriculum Development Consultant

NCSIMUL Virtual Machining Simulation Solution: an NC Machine on the Desktop of Every Student

NCSIMUL Machine is the most advanced, most easy to use CNC realistic machine simulation solution on the market for simulating, verifying, optimizing, and reviewing machining programs based on the real characteristics of your NC machine (machining, drilling, riveting). User friendly interfaces allow students to practice programming and machine virtual parts in a safe engaging environment. Simple, easy to follow step by step curriculum is also available to get your students going. NCSIMUL provides every student with a virtual NC machine, at literally no cost to help them learn NC programming. No consumables, no breakages.

Maximum Participants: 35

Room: TBA



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