Following is a list of schools which offer comprehensive vocational programs to give students the opportunity to learn a trade and earn a high school diploma simultaneously. Students taking advantage of this opportunity graduate with highly marketable skills. As technology advances and the demand for skills increases, these students are better prepared for the job market.


Ashern Central School, Ashern
Crocus Plains Regional Secondary, Brandon
Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary, Dauphin
École Régionale Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Fisher Branch Collegiate, Fisher

Frontier Collegiate
Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler
Hapnot Collegiate, Flin Flon
Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre, Norway House
Institut Collegial Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-Jolys
Kildonan-East Collegiate, Winnipeg
Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary, Selkirk
Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre, Winnipeg
Lundar School, Lundar
Maples Collegiate, Winnipeg
Miles Macdonell Collegiate, Winnipeg
Minnedosa Collegiate, Minnedosa
Morden Collegiate Institute, Morden
Morris School, Morris
Murdoch MacKay Collegiate, Winnipeg
Northlands Parkway Collegiate, Winkler
Portage Collegiate, Portage La Prairie
R.B. Russell Vocational High School, Winnipeg
R.D. Parker Collegiate, Thompson
Roseau Valley School, Dominion City
Saint James Collegiate, Winnipeg
Sisler High School, Winnipeg
Steinbach Regional Secondary School, Steinbach
Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, Winnipeg
Swan Valley Regional Secondary School, Swan River
Technical Vocational High School, Winnipeg
Virden Collegiate Institute, Virden
W.C. Miller Collegiate, Altona
West Kildonan Collegiate Institute, Winnipeg
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Winnipeg