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 We are an affiliation of the Manitoba Teachers' Society composed of Technical / Vocational Teachers.

The VTAM Executive continues to work hard to promote the professionalism of its members, the rights of each Vocational Teacher in the province, and the mutual benefits of technical-vocational education for our students and society. Vocational skills and courses expand students' opportunities for choice while they are still in high school, and they serve as their gateway into the many businesses and industries that they would otherwise miss if they were not enrolled in technical-vocational education.


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tradeupmanitobalogo This months spotlight is on Trade Up Manitoba. It's a great website that has information on apprenticeship programs here in Manitoba. Here is the link to their site www.tradeupmanitoba.com


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The Manitoba Teachers’ Society has a wonderful collection of resourceful brochures on several topics. Here are few to check out: 


  • VTAM Conference 2016

    Let’s talk about… Are we comfortable telling others about our physical health issues? Absolutely. Sometimes, it even makes for a great story. Yet, are we comfortable telling others about our mental health issues? Sadly…  probably not.  Why does that happen?  Shouldn’t we be as comfortable talking about our physical health issues as our mental health issues? Absolutely!
    Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School 205 Mercy Street, Selkirk, MB
    October 21, 2016| 8:30 am

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