We are an affiliation of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society composed of Technical / Vocational Teachers.


The VTAM Executive continues to work hard to promote the professionalism of its members, the rights of each Vocational Teacher in the province, and the mutual benefits of technical-vocational education for our students and society. Vocational skills and courses expand students’ opportunities for choice while they are still in high school, and they serve as their gateway into the many businesses and industries that they would otherwise miss if they were not enrolled in technical-vocational education.


Voc. Ed Teacher Program Survey Request – Survey Link

RRC Polytech would appreciate participation in a survey to determine if their Voc. Ed Teacher Program to find out if graduates are fully prepared to meet the demands of the public education system.


The Technical Vocational Teacher Education program at RRC Polytech is undergoing a program and curriculum renewal. Part of the process in renewing the program is to connect with our stakeholders. As graduates of this program, Voc. Ed. teachers have some of the greatest knowledge and insight into how well the program prepared you to begin your profession as a Technical Vocational Educator.

RRC Polytech are reaching out to ask if you could take 5-10 minutes to complete a survey (link below). The survey is designed determine if our graduate students are entering their fields prepared to meet the demands of our public education system. This process will help us evaluate our Technical Vocational Teacher Education program to identify any potential gaps. Your feedback about your experience in the program and as an educator will be beneficial in making any necessary adjustments.


Survey Link